By offering a full range of quality and innovative heating systems we cover all your central heating needs. Be they, under floor heating, hot water radiators, gas or diesel boilers, heat pumps or carbon-neutral wood fires. From your initial contact with us we will work with you to understand your heating requirements.

Ensure your home meets the healthy homes standard.

We install as well as sell heating solutions. Therefore, if your heating installer buys our products we will advise on the best way to install our products.

underfloor heating


Central Heating warms your home or building at an even and consistent temperature throughout your desired living or working areas, without noise or forced air.

By heating your spaces with this platform you create a healthy, cosy environment for all to enjoy.

hot water radiator


At the heart of central heating systems is the heat source. You have the choice of a gas or diesel boiler, a wood fire, or a heat pump. Water is heated quietly within the heat source, then circulated around the building to radiators and/or under floor pipes.



Whether we are warming your home with underfloor or radiator heating you can be rest assured that we are using quality products that will maintain an efficient heating system for years to come.


With our 20 years of experience and extensive knowledge in commercial applications we can offer one off commercial bespoke designs through to the large industrial projects.

We offer the latest products and systems that deliver energy efficient solutions for your commercial projects.


boilers & heat pumps


The heat source is the heart of warm water central heating system. Importantly, we supply quality options for Natural Gas, LPG, Diesel or Air to Water Heat Pumps depending on your project’s requirements.

hot water radiator


With our two options of radiators – hydronic or electric we can meet your desired specifications. As a result, our radiators fit beautifully into your existing home, current renovation or new build enhancing the style of your living space.

underfloor heating


Underfloor heating is ideal for new homes or renovations where a new concrete slab will be laid. Underfloor heating systems circulate warm water silently through tubing encapsulated within your concrete slab. As a result, this achieves a quiet, gentle radiation of heat from your floor into living areas.



rayburn oven


system protection



We finally have an efficient system after 10 years of various, unsuccessful, interventions. This is all thanks to Sean and his team who responded readily to our pleas for help, and came well prepared with the solution

Lorayne and Colin, Wright RD4
Under Floor Heating

I just want to thank you and Alex for getting the in-floor heating sorted out and working. We had the floor polished this week and the result is better than we expected. We are really pleased we did the in-floor heating as the downstairs space is perfectly warm and comfortable to hang out in.

Tim Wallace

I had my Rayburn heating system installed by a local company, unfortunately the system didn’t live up to my expectations and I was directed to Sean and the Plumbcraft team for help.


Sean came out to see me at home and looked over the installation of my Rayburn and radiator system and confirmed my worst thoughts that the initial installation was very poor and had not followed the Rayburn manufacturer instructions.


Within 3 weeks Sean had quoted up what needed fixing and had his lads onsite to get it all sorted for me. Alex and Sam came and stayed with me for 3 days, they worked really hard to get everything sorted and working for me.


I am now sitting in my toastie warm Manawatu property, radiators pumping.


I have only positive things to say about these guys – knowledgeable, approachable, professional and well-priced.


Thank you to you all for helping me out, you are a godsend.

Melanie Trevelyan, Manawatu

The in-slab central heating we got off you is awesome. We are a toasty warm 21 degrees inside and it is negative 3 degrees outside.

Russell Thompson, Mt Ruapehu
Hot Water Radiator

I was one of the many New Zealanders who lived in the UK in their 20’s to experience the ‘Big OE’. One of my enduring memories was, in the several homes I lived in, the wonderful warmth in the coldest of UK winters, that the radiator style of heating there delivered. Fast forward 25 years later, having lived in a number of NZ homes with open fires, heat pumps and air-ducted systems, when we moved to the Waikato and were considering a renovation of our old home there, looking into radiator style heating was one of our main options. We undertook thorough due diligence on a number of systems for our new home – air-ducted heating, heat pumps, open fires and Todd at Warm NZ was very helpful and knowledgeable on showing us how we could achieve a warm home by using a radiator system. His in depth technical knowledge and experience, the quality of the system and what it would deliver and warm friendly approach made our investment decision easy. From the time I first spoke with Todd and the the several times he visited our property he showed absolute patience with a changing brief and timelines and always worked with us to achieve the maximum benefit to us. It’s fair to say that we probably pushed him to some limits with what we wanted, but he, and the whole team at Warm NZ have delivered. Our installation was a breeze compared to some of the elements of our rebuild – they came in near the end for installation and worked to the agreed dates and timeframes. We had a warm home within 2 hours of installation in the middle of a cold Waikato winter. Our installers were a delight to have on site – they appreciated it was our home and not just a building site. They were polite, knowledgeable, answered all our questions and worked above and beyond (well into the night where necessary) to get it all done for us. We are delighted and very happily recommend the whole team at Warm NZ (and those who we didn’t meet that played a part in making this happen) for delivering us a great heating system.


Central heating for comfortable and

healthy heating



One source of heat that warms your space through the use of ultra efficient products and innovated systems delivering a highly efficient system with ongoing energy savings.


With central heating systems your chosen temperature is distributed evenly and sustained all the time, helping to provide a damp and mould free living space.