About Warm NZ

Warm NZ Limited came about from our sister company Plumbcraft https://www.plumbcraft.co.nz, constantly trying to source premium central heating products for its customers over the last 20 years.

After building strong relationships with New Zealand’s premium suppliers the opportunity arose to purchase the central heating division of F L Bone Limited.

Since our conception in 2012, we have complimented and added to the offer with both users and installers in mind.

WarmNZ has become NZ’s #1 supplier and installer of central heating products.

In 2022 we were awarded #2 best Kitchen product by Archipro https://archipro.co.nz

WarmNZ is NZ’s exclusive supplier of the UK’s top cast iron cooking range – Rayburn Ovens (https://www.agaliving.com/products/rayburn-cast-iron-ranges). Exclusive supplier of Paladin Radiators (https://paladinradiators.com/) the leading cast-iron radiators in the UK.

We work with recommended installers of central heating products through out New Zealand. If your heating installer buys our products we will provide expert advice on the best way to install our products.

ArchiPro award for #2 best Kitchen products 2022