BOILERMAG Residential Magnetic Filter – BM22

Our Boilermag BM22 is an easy fit, high performance magnetic filter.

Boilermag uses tried and tested patented magnetic technology to remove virtually 100% of magnetite (sludge) and scale on the first pass through the filter.

Our BM22 also assists to prolong the life of the boiler and its components by removing the sludge and scale from the system.

Featuring “Dual Flow” technology it is the perfect choice for domestic installations.

Boilermag offers great benefits for the installer and the homeowner:

  • Reduces household energy bills
  • Extends boiler life
  • Installation and servicing done in minutes
  • Inhibitor dosing can be done at filter
  • Can be easily retrofitted to any existing system
  • 3 year warranty
  • No block feature
  • Easy to service and clean
  • Large collection capacity
  • No consumable or replacement parts
  • Dual flow action – excellent dirt removal rates
  • Compact design – in comparison to large industrial filters
  • Easy installation – Domestic BM22 Includes 1” female BSP isolation valves

Boilermag Domestic Datasheet

Boilermag Domestic Brochure

Boilermag Domestic install and service instructions

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