BM1 is a high performance formula used in over a million UK properties. It maintains heating efficiency by preventing scale formation and metal corrosion, without any detrimental effects upon plastic or rubber plumbing components such as seals.

  • Outstanding, long lasting scale and corrosion reduction results
  • Environmentally friendly formula
  • Prevents radiator cold spots and boiler damage
  • Borate free formula (Borate is a known carcinogen)
  • 1 x 500 ml bottle treats a 100 litre system
  • For use in accordance with BS7593:2006
  • Build Cert approved (complies with Part L of the Building regulations)
  • Nitrate & EDTA free formula - (Nitrate and EDTA are environmental contaminants)
  • Compatible with all leading boiler types (including Aluminium heat exchangers)
  • Phospate free formula (Phospate can block wet bearings of circulator pumps)

Boilermag BM1 Inhibitor with test strip

Boilermag BM1 Safety Data Sheet

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