Central Heating

Underfloor Heating




Over the past 20 years we have undertaken some of the largest central heating projects throughout the country. Specialising in commercial design, supply (radiators, boilers, chillers, underfloor heating) and installation to meet your tender specifications.


Heating large masses based on individual project specifications is our speciality. Our qualified heating Engineers work with your contractors to custom design a system maximising efficiency and energy consumption to prevent frost heave. Our ability to innovate has resulted in us designing and installing frost heave prevention systems though out New Zealand.


The systems we have designed and installed in these settings have required similar out comes to the Hospital and Aged Care industries. Dust free environments and healthy safe solutions are easily achievable with hydronic central heating

Central heating is non-allergenic as dust, smoke, pollen and other allergens are not being circulated fan forced air by warm air fan heaters so your home stays clean & airborne pathogens are reduced making it a healthy environment to live in.

Hot Water Radiator

Unique one off solutions

Over the last 20 years we have delivered varied solutions for working animal kennels, controlled temperature moulds, pre cast walls, controlled electronic environments, slow drying stores and many other bespoke requirements.

Hangers and Workshops

We have designed and installed a wide range of work place solutions requiring different working conditions for staff and plant. These have ranged from machine shops,  dust-free controlled environments for high tech componentry, Aircraft hangers for private and military installations and controlled environments for car and motorbike collections.

Correctional Facilities

The projects we have designed and installed in correctional facilities have had to accommodate unique challenges to meet industry specifications to ensure safety of inmates and staff. The projects have ranged from additions to  mental health facilities through to full scale Men’s and Women’s correctional facilities.

System Protection

System Protection assists in extending the life of a boiler and its components by removing the sludge and scale from the system.

BOILERMAG XT Industrial Magnetic Filter is a range of high specification full flow filters for large industrial sized heating and cooling systems.

ChillerMag – the ultimate cooling system protection. It is a high performance Air, Dirt and Magnetite separator ensuring that virtually 100% of ferrous oxide and scale is removed on first pass.

One off service and annual maintenance

Maintenance or Service

Partnering with Plumbcraft Ltd (to learn more click –> link here) we will manage / service your commercial heating assets. We can assist with on-site management and preventive maintenance scheduling to maximise return on investment.