Rauvitherm Pre Insulated Mains

Warm NZ is proud to be the Agent in NZ for Rehau Rauvitherm pre insulated mains.

Rauvitherm is the perfect product choice for both commercial and domestic heating applications.

The ability to bury your flow and return heating pipes in a pre-insulated coil saves both time and money on your project and also has the bonus of superior insulation properties improving efficiencies and running costs.

It also cuts limitations of plant location and the headache of hanging pipes from one location to another by being buried below the slab or around the building.

Although it was designed in Europe for central heat sources running heat out to apartment blocks through the underground street network it has found a real niche in the NZ market on heat pump under floor heating installs meeting the needs of higher flow rates and  improved insulation for the lower temperature water.

The ability to run long distances from heat source has been advantageous on many frost heave design and install projects as the large size of the freezers means many manifolds around the perimeter of the freezer located along way from the plant room This is the perfect product to cover those distances and maintain the crucial heat required while being out of site and not fixed to the building.

Rauvitherm has been installed around NZ on Freezers, Schools and Day Cares, Hospitals,  Correctional facilities,  Air Hangers , Kennels, Marae and Kiwi Homes.

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