Low Surface Temperature (LST)

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The Low Surface Temperature radiator is the key product for safety and cleanliness where children, elderly and other vulnerable individuals are involved. The Quinn Low Surface Temperature Radiator casing is designed to meet the NHS Safe Surface  Temperature Regulations for use in hospitals and other care facilities. The surface temperature of both our single and double  panel plus LSTs conforms to the 43°C surface temperature requirement, based on a Delta T of 50°C.

The casing is made from a single sheet of steel with no visible welds or sharp edges and can be fitted with internal or external TRVs for easy and safe control. The casing is hinged to fit over the emitter radiator and is fitted with a locking device to prevent unauthorised access and allow for easy cleaning and maintenance. As a separate component, the casing can be easily retro-fitted over an emitter or replaced if damaged. The casing has a white paint finish in RAL 9016 giving a brighter, longer-lasting finish, along with an anti-microbial coating to ISO 22196 standards for additional cleanliness.

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