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BoilerMag Installed at Historical QBE Centre 125 Queen St

Warm NZ have installed BoilerMag’s magnetic technology filters at the iconic QBE Centre in  Auckland.

Built upon the historical 125 Queen Street, the QBE Centre is a recognisable and historic landmark within Auckland and was home to the original head office of the Bank of New Zealand. With an eye-catching Category 1 Heritage Listed façade dating back to the 1840s, the centre has recently undergone a state-of-the-art refit making it one of the most sought-after workspaces in the area.

With a wealth of experience under its belt and a portfolio boasting big-name projects, such as Auckland Zoo, Warm NZ was tasked to ensure the heating and cooling systems within the centre were up to standard and as efficient as possible as part of the major refurbishments.

As with many other projects that the company undertake, Warm NZ installed a BoilerMag XT and ChillerMag to improve the efficiency and longevity of the heating and cooling system.

See article in BoilerMag main website:

ChillerMag at 125 Queen St

GJ Gardner Show Home in Pokeno

Experience ultimate comfort and control with Warm NZ Central Heating’s bespoke under floor heating (UFH) system. We are proud to supply and install a state-of-the-art system featuring German Rehau Rau Pink underfloor pipes, heated by the reliable Ideal Logic Natural gas boiler. With Heatmiser neo stats and Neo hub integration, you can now have complete control of your heating system right from your smartphone. 

Transform your living space into a warm and inviting sanctuary with our innovative heating solution. Trust Warm NZ Central Heating to deliver efficient and reliable heating solutions tailored to your needs. Say goodbye to cold floors and hello to luxurious warmth with our cutting-edge technology.

Original Devonport Villa

This Original Devonport Villa showcases a selection of Paladin Radiators including Pimlico, Montpellier, and Oxford styles. The radiators chosen for this home are in a variety of Farrow and Ball paint finishes, with bespoke highlights chosen in consultation with the owner, the designer and WarmNZ. This project highlights the ability of the product to be finished to show the owner’s individual style, creating a unique one-off piece
This extensive renovation required product to complement the homes heritage making Paladin from WarmNZ the perfect choice.

Tokyo Foods Freezer

In 2024, Warm NZ Central Heating successfully completed the Tokyo Foods Freezer project for Tokyo Foods. Working in collaboration with Envirochill, our team meticulously designed and constructed the frost heave protection for this freezer. Leveraging the expertise of Rehaus engineering team, we finalised the detailed design for the 20m Rautherm S pipe in the slab, along with the Rauvitherm Pre insulated mains running from the buffer tank to the Manifolds. For the intricate plant design and calculations, we engaged Energy Conscious design to handle pumps, buffer tank sizing, and pipe work to heat exchangers. Our sister company, Plumbcraft, was responsible for the seamless installation of all pipe work and commissioning of the glycol system.

Warm NZ Central Heating takes pride in delivering high-quality projects with precision and efficiency. Our ability to collaborate with industry experts and utilise cutting-edge technology ensures that each project is completed to the highest standards. The Tokyo Foods Freezer project stands as a testament to our dedication to excellence in the field of manufacturing and supplying solutions for Factories and Warehouses.

Learn how WarmNZ create tailor-made solutions for you

An interview by ArchiPro with Sean Stephens WarmNZ Managing Director

ArchiPro: Can you tell me about the tailor-made heating solutions that Warm NZ offers?

Sean Stephens: We offer bespoke design and installation services to fit the client’s needs. This includes everything from underfloor heating, radiators, freezers, and pool heating, to heat pumps, gas-condensing boilers, diesel-condensing boilers and wood fires.

AP: Why do freezers need a heating system?

SS: We actually get asked this question a lot. Freezers need a heated slab below the freezer floor to prevent groundwater from freezing and pushing the freezer floors up.

AP: What is the process for specifying a custom heating solution from Warm NZ?

SS: Usually, we have a phone conversation to determine the client’s requirements and expectations. If it’s a new home, we will get the plans and do a draft design, then run it by the client and make any changes they may want. Once that happens, we’ll produce a quote and draw up a detailed plan. If it’s an existing home, we will follow a similar process, but this time include a site visit to measure everything up.

AP: What factors should you consider when choosing a heating solution for your home?

SS: I’d recommend starting with the kind of heat you want to feel. For example, hydronic central heating doesn’t blow air around, so it won’t dry out your eyes and throat like air-conditioning. I’d also think about the kind of control you need to suit your lifestyle; do you want to control the temperature of each room in the house from one device, or are you looking for something more manual?

AP: How does the size of the home impact the heating solution you choose?

SS: All the systems we offer can be designed to fit any home size. The main factor to consider size-wise is that larger homes will need a higher heat load to bring the house to temp. This is where good controls are essential to manage your energy costs.

AP: How does a heating solution for a modern home compare to a heritage home?

SS: Most of the new concrete floor homes suit underfloor heating. In contrast, wooden floors work better with modern steel radiators. The only difference with heritage homes is that we use our range of Paladin Heritage radiators. Otherwise, the heat source and the piping systems are identical.

AP: What is involved in the installation and maintenance of the heaters?

SS: The system installation is done by our plumbers, with top-quality Rehau piping systems made in Germany. Servicing is done on an annual basis as per the manufacturer’s recommendations.

AP: In your opinion, what is the key to a good home heating system?

SS: The key to a great system is top-quality parts and well thought out design. It may take more work and cost a little more initially, but the savings over time will well outweigh this.