Smartclip – Floor Heating Fixing System

WARMNZ is the first company in NZ to use this Denmark designed system for both residential and commercial underfloor heating installations.

We always see bad working postures, which ruin the fingers and overstretch the knees and back. Physical overloads that in many cases end up becoming chronic disease. This system was developed with work environment and ergonomics being the focal point.

Fast, easy, inexpensive solution for installing underfloor heating pipe to mesh or polystyrene.

Product Benefits

  • Nearly 80% faster than traditional ways to mount tubes
  • Only 1 employee is needed for mounting
  • No risk of corrosion (plastic on plastic)
  • The clips lift the tube from the iron and provides better concreting
  • The clips can be kicked off and be replaced / used again
  • More straight and accurate positioning of the tube on the mesh
  • No electrical power needed
  • No more bending over to secure tubes to mesh
  • 80% faster - 100% smarter

Save time, money and your back!

Work smarter not harder.



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